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Ink Mixing Rollers

MAGNETIC (INK MIXING) ROLLER is maintenance free, non – electric, hassle free device, which mixes the ink continuously & constantly. It is a metal device in cylindrical shape with magnet at both of its end (As shown in fig.) it is installed in the ink tray in such a position that it touches the printing cylinder constantly. When the printing process starts & the printing cylinder starts rotating it also starts rotating as it touches the cylinder constantly with the help of magnets at the both of its end. Hence it mixes the ink continuously & constantly without using electricity or any other kind of expensive power.

Some of the advantages of MAGNETIC (INK MIXING) ROLLER are following:

VERY EFFECTIVE : It is an very effective & proven method by which you can perform your ink mixing work with great effect, hence keeps you free from the problem arises due to viscosity, drying, thinning of ink.

SAVE MONEY : Very affordable as it cost less compare to motorized ink mixing systems. So it saves your heavy expenses in buying, installing & maintaining motorized ink-mixing systems.

MAINTENANCE FREE : No expense on maintenance as it is a maintenance free device. That saves your money you spend on electricity & upkeep of motorized ink mixing systems.

EASY TO USE : very handy & easy to install. Just put it in ink tray & that’s all you have to do. The moment you put it in the ink tray it will start working. You can install / change the ink mixing roller any time you want, even when the printing is on. No waiting, no delay.

NEAT & CLEAN FLOOR SHOP : it helps in keeping the “working place” neat, clean & open as it does not need extra space, that keeps the floor shop open & less occupied. It does not waste valuable inks & chemicals (compare to motorized ink mixing systems)

Now it’s easy to keep your ink-mixing job effectively & economically with the help of MAGNETIC (INK MIXING) ROLLERS

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